Welcome to WHIPS Caramels! I’m Amy Whipple and I am the happy creator/baker of all things WHIPS. 4 years ago I was happily baking away in my first business, Sugar Bakeshop and was looking for a topper to put on a salted caramel cupcake.  I tried a few recipes, tweeked a few more and ultimately created my first salted caramel. As I usually did, I handed them out to willing taste testers who all had the same response. “These need to be sold on their own!” After months of ruined batches, handcutting, failed wrappers, LOTS of trial and error, I finally got them figured out. New flavours and products were created and this happy little accident has wound up here – a business venture on it’s own! 


WHIPS Caramels are made in small batches from the freshest, quality ingredients and no preservatives. Each nut is hand roasted, and each batch of caramel is cooked by me to the perfect temperature to ensure they are just the right melt in your mouth texture.  I look forward to serving you and hope that you will love your WHIPS caramels, just as much as I have loved creating them.